John Eastwood

Oxford Practice Grammar with Answers

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Santrauka: Oxford Practice Grammar gives clear explanations of English grammar with exercises on the facing page which provide practice in form and use. The new revised edition provides some additional grammar topics and expanded treatment of others, more exercises, new progress tests at intervals throughout the book, and more illustrated dialogues and texts (the grammar presentations make frequent use of pictures and dialogues to establish contexts for use). This new, extensively revised edition retains a clear, two-page format, with explanations of English grammar on the left, and exercises providing practice in form and use on the facing page. The grammar coverage is extremely thorough. Some additional grammar topics have been included and the treatment of others has been expanded, catering for the needs of learners at both the lower and upper ends of the intermediate spectrum. New exercises accompany the new grammar material. Many existing exercises have been rewritten to include more conversations and texts, so that the choice of form is clearly related to meaning and context. The book now includes tests. A diagnostic test at the beginning helps students decide what to study. They can then check their progress using the 25 other two-page tests throughout the book. There are now more illustrated dialogues and texts. Units begin with a picture, conversation or story to show the grammar in use.

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