Wright V.

Diagnostic picture tests in rheumatology

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Santrauka: As the title suggests, this book is targeted to students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, who wish to test their knowledge in this specialty. It takes the form of 200 questions, each illustrated by a clear photograph of either a patient, X-ray or histology slide. Answers are provided at the end of the book. As a revision text it serves its purpose well, although as it addresses both undergraduates and postgraduates, the former may find it over-detailed. It does not aim to be a textbook of rheumatology. It is not indexed and inevitably emphasizes physical signs over history, findings and epidemiological data. After reading it, however, even those not preparing for examinations might feel motivated to return to their textbooks.

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Kaina: 1.45 EUR
Būklė: Labai gera
Miestas: Vilnius

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