Osborne Michele

Gardens in the Sky

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Santrauka: Those lucky enough to have a roof terrace or balcony enjoy an exhilarating sense of space and tranquillity and sometimes views of the city skyline. Successful rooftop gardening brings with it its own requirements and considerations, from practical concerns about structure and drainage to choosing plants that can withstand the elements as well as for decorative impact. This book presents both a wonderful range of never-seen roof gardens (from New York to New Zealand) and authoritative advice on planning, designing and planting an original outdoor space. There are ideas for every kind of terrace, whether you want a formal or informal style space for entertaining, a Mediterranean balcony or a modern showcase. The book looks in detail at the hard landscaping, with important guidance on floors and surfaces. There are also design ideas and useful hints for "dressing" the space with furniture, containers, sculptures, lighting and water features. Every chapter includes a case study to use as a template or for inspiration. An illustrated planting section contains helpful advice on choosing the best plants for rooftop conditions. This book should be useful for anyone designing a roof terrace or balcony from scratch or for those looking for new and exciting rooftop space into a fabulous outdoor room.

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