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Gi Jeans Diet

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Santrauka: The new Gi diet book from Britain,s best-loved and bestselling diet and fitness expert. Rosemary Conley is Britain,s most trusted diet expert. So who better to bring us a diet book that takes the scientifically proven seccess of Glycaemic Indexing (Gi) but presents it in a way that is straightforward and easy to follow. Unlike other Gi books, Rosemary Conley,s Gi Jeans Diet will do all the hard work for you. No calculationc or complex charts, but a simple, easy to follow diet plan that promises sensational wiight loss - fast! To maximise progress and achieve a truly great shape everyone needs to get active. Rosemary brings you her best-ever toning exercises plus a fitness quiz for you to discover which type of fat-burning exercise best suits you. With a choice of friend and tested diet plans and delicious low fat recipes, this is the perfect diet for getting into shape - and getting into those jeans - without ever having to go hungry. It,s healthy for the whole family too! In trials dieters lost an average of 7.2 lbs in the 2 weeks!

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