Alex Kammerling,

Blend Me, Shake Me!: 101 Hip New Cocktails

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Santrauka: Blend Me, Shake Me: 101 Hip New Cocktails - Kammerling, Alex Glamorous and delicious, cocktails have rarely been more popular, and this trendy guide is brimming with hip new concoctions. Celebrate with a Rosso Royale or a Persian Prince; cool off with Two Inches of Cucumber or a Bourbon Beach Iced Tea; warm up with a Scottish Sweetheart or enjoy the pleasures of a booze-free beverage, like the Party Pooper. All the drinks are easy to make, most ingredients are available in the supermarket, and you won't need exotic liqueurs or professional equipment to make them. Apart from a few classics, all the drinks are newly invented--some created to sip at parties or holidays, others to bottle up and take camping.

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