By Derek and Julia Parker

"The Compleat Astrologers Sun-Signs Guide"

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Santrauka: This Guide is a fascinating exploration of the most personal aspect of astrology, spelling out what a Sun sign can tell you about yourself, your friends and your relatives. Personality and taste work and hobbies relationships between parents and children the partnerships of love and marriage - all these are affected by your Sun sign. There is even a section on how friends and acquaintances reveal their Sun signs through their behavior. You probably know your Sun sign already, it is the Sign of the Zodiac under which you were born. In the complex science and art of astrology, it is the Sun sign that sets the guideline to your character and destiny. It is with Sun signs that the study of astrology begins. This is a book that can be read for fun - or as an introduction to a science that becomes more fascinating the more deeply it is studied. Beutifully illustrated throughout.

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