Malkin Vitaly

The Ruse of the One God. How we deluded ourselves into submission

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Santrauka: What are the strategies put in place by the monotheisms to control us? What are the methods they use to impose their moral norms which have as sole objective to reinforce their hold on our societies? What other ways can be found to satisfy the deeply human need to believe? Monotheisms rely on morality to justify their actions, yet they are far from being examples of probity. Deeply exclusive, monotheistic religions believe only their gods and beliefs are right. They are totalitarian and seek to control everything because they consider themselves to be the custodian of the truth. We must find a positive and neutral morality like those of Spinoza, Nietzsche, or Bergson to replace this flawed, intolerant monotheistic morality. We should seek for a morality without censors. The morality true to our lives and our nature, and devoid of absurd coercion inherited from the monotheisms. This is how we will flourish, both as individuals and as a society. My book The Ruse of the One God addresses these points and contains my three essays: A Thousand Ways to Believe, The Mandate of Heaven and The Spectre of Morality".

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