Jacques Rancière

The Future of the Image

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Santrauka: A major philosopher presents a fascinating treatise on the radical future of art and film. In "The Future of the Image", Jacques Ranciere develops a fascinating new concept of the image in contemporary art, showing how art and politics have always been intrinsically intertwined. Covering a range of art movements, and thinkers such as Foucault, Deleuze, Adorno, Barthes, Lyotard and Greenberg, Ranciere argues that contemporary theorists of the image are suffering from religious tendencies. Furthermore, he claims that many avant-garde practices are susceptible to being hijacked by power, despite the claims of those who support them. He suggests that there is a stark political choice in art: it can either reinforce a radical democracy, or create a new reactionary mysticism. For Ranciere, there is never a pure art: the aesthetic revolution has always meant the creation of a liberatory egalitarian social space.

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