Nancy Hoag

The Fingerprints of God: Seeing His Hand in the Unexpected

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Santrauka: Here are dozens of autobiographical reflections from an excellent writer. In The Fingerprints of God, Nancy Hoag recounts the difficult moments in her life and shows how each situation was redeemed by a loving God, either directly or indirectly through God\u2019s people. Some of Hoag's stories are comforting, some are spine-chilling, some are whimsical-all of them point to God's involvement in the details of life. She shares how a message from a stranger comforted her when she had to move again, how memories sustain her after her beloved grandmother's death, and how God used her prayers to miraculously protect her daughter. There is also the story of the author's near drowning, which left her calm and grateful, with the realization that she has no argument with God about the life he has given her.Each story delivers punch and inspiration for believing women in today's world. Though the stories are personal, the realities and truths found within them are universal. Hoag's writing is warm and encouraging as it creatively takes on the questions believers so often have, then affirms that God made us, knows us, and loves us more than we can imagine.


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Kaina: 2 EUR
Būklė: Puiki
Miestas: Kaunas

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