Daniel W. Smith

Essays on Deleuze

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Santrauka: This title includes 17 essays by one of the world's leading commentators on the work of Gilles Deleuze. The articles in this volume have become frequent references for students and scholars working on Deleuze. In response to academic demand, we are now making them available in a single convenient volume. Several of the articles are touchstones in the field and a number of them have been often cited on the reception of French philosophy, especially the articles on Badiou and Derrida. It is an essential collection of essays that gets right to the heart of Deleuze's philosophy. It includes three new pieces, two of which were written specially for this collection 'The Open' and 'Concepts, Truth and Time'. It has exclusive focus on the philosophical themes of Deleuze's work. It analyses three important concepts used by Deleuze: the new, univocity, and the clinical. It contrasts Deleuze's work with that of four of his contemporaries: Derrida, Badiou, Lacan and Klossowsk


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Kaina: 20 EUR
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