Fredric Jameson

Brecht and Method

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Santrauka: In his analysis of Brecht, Jameson forgoes the sort of chronological representation of Brecht in his various 'stages' (the early Brecht, the political Brecht, the mature Brecht) that characterizes most analyses of his work and instead asks that we recognize the various layers of history, overlapping in time, not space, which ultimately constitute who we understand as 'Brecht.'" - The Bookpress "Jameson puts demands on the reader, requiring great effort just to keep up, but those who apply themselves will come away with new admiration for Brecht as artist and as thinker. Recommended." - Choice "It is a rich book, one that strikes out in many different directions at once...perhaps the secret of Jameson's greatness, like Brecht's, is that he doesn't adhere to his method too strictly." - In These Times "This book contains a highly recommendable, elegant dissection of Brecht's method, from estrangements to allegory and beyond." - Modern Drama


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Kaina: 8 EUR
Būklė: Labai gera
Miestas: vilnius