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So good... The magazine of haute patisserie 2018

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Santrauka: So Good, the Magazine of Haute Patisserie: # 20, July 2018 English text 305 pages, paperback So Good 20 invites you to celebrate innovation and technique in modern pastry. Modernity needs the personality of each chef to propose unprecedented concepts, but also generosity to share them with the whole sector. This is what the most innovative chefs in this issue do, such as Bart de Gans, Dinara Kasko, Andrés Lara, and Graham Miers. From the kitchens of the restaurants on the lips of everyone arrive the surprising Matthew Siciliano, Albert Adrià, the Disfrutar team, and Riley Redfern, among others. Elegance is reinvented in the hands of Patrice Demers, Eunyoung Yun, Marijn Coertjens, Luciano Garcia, and the rest of the international chefs who accompany them. Enigma, The jewel of Albert Adrià Dinara Kasko, Look and see Philippe Vancayseele, Possibilist creativity Gianluca Fusto, All to 3 Andres Lara, A creative exercise around ice cream Melissa Coppel, Details that count Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch & Mateu Casanas, The OC'OO ways Patrice Demers, A la minute Josep Maria Ribé, Object of desire Rafa Delgado, Without loose ends Bart de Gans, East of West Ryosuke Sugamata, Seeing is not always believing Marijn Coertjens, There is no evolution without challenges Matthew Siciliano, The taste of a community Luciano Garcia, The good vibes Graham Mairs, The theory of creativity Eunyoung Yun, Simple + pretty = irresistible Riley Redfern, Knocking the classics Elwyn Boyles, Simply Perfect Tidbits Baltasar Massot, A round snack Winterspring, A Danish look at dessert Kevin Clemenceau, The success that helps you grow


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Kaina: 18 EUR
Būklė: Puiki
Miestas: Kaunas