Diane Neumann

Divorce Mediation: How to Cut the Cost and Stress of Divorce, Henry Holt

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Santrauka: Diane Neumann & Associates is a full-service mediation firm that has served Eastern Massachusetts since 1981. Diane Neumann, Esq., the principal, is a nationally renowned divorce mediator and author, an attorney, a licensed real estate broker, a former IRS representative and a former couples’ counselor. Her firm is one of a select number of mediation firms that is officially court-approved. Our offices are in Watertown, Newton, the South Shore, and the North Shore. Whether your situation is relatively straightforward or involves highly compensated employees and/or high net worth individuals, we will walk you from separation to divorce. Our firm’s assistance will significantly minimize the cost and stress of your divorce. Each of our mediators is a licensed Massachusetts attorney whose practice is exclusively full-time divorce mediation. A primary reason clients choose our firm is the expertise of each of our mediators in drafting a fair and comprehensive divorce settlement, one that will maximize financial and tax savings for each of you, regardless of whether you are financially savvy or not. You will not be expected to know finances or law. If you have minor children, our mediators have expertise in the important area of children and will provide you with the best parenting options for your family’s situation. Your mediator will write the legal divorce agreement and all of the court-required paperwork. Mediation encourages cooperative decision making, which fosters the best outcomes. Our firm’s reputation rests on the high quality and comprehensive services our clients receive. We do not require a retainer. Please call (617) 877-4543 and a mediator will gladly speak with you at no cost. We look forward to assisting you.

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