Orchester Les Humphries

Singing Revolution

7.00 €

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Santrauka: Record comes in gatefold cover laminated outside. Catalogue number SLK 16 692-P appears on labels, back cover and up on the spine, the other one, SLK 16692 P, printed white in black, appears down on spine. Crown logo and "royal sound STEREO" on labels. Track B4.2 misspelt (as entered above) on back cover, spread and label, instead of "(They Want to Be) Close to You". Track A5.3 misspelt on spread: "Goodbye Sam, Hallo Samantha". Made in Germany · TELDEC »Telefunken-Decca« Schallplatten-Ges. mbH., Heussweg 25, Hamburg 19 (Western Germany)

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