Billy Smarts Television Band

Billy Smart's Circus

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stamped on sleeve

Santrauka: "Recorded live in the Big Top" "Presenting in Sounds and Music the glamour, excitement, thrills and fun of the Greatest Show on Earth" "The low-frequency background noise on this record is produced by the air-conditioning system, which must be kept at its highest level during a performance." Back cover & label areas: ℗ 1969 Made in Great Britain Publishers, label areas, tracks: A.1: Mecolico A.2: Metropole Music A.3: Pan Music Ltd. A.5: Ardmore & Beechwood, Mecolico A.6: Montclare Music, E. H. Morris A.8: Mecolico A.9: Williamson Music, Chappell B.1: Westside Music Ltd. B.2: Schauer & May

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