Horst Eric J.

Training for Climbing

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Santrauka: Drawing on new research in sports medicine, nutrition, and fitness, Training for Climbing helps climbers achieve superior performance and better mental concentration on the rock, with less risk of injury. Updated and expanded, this new edition builds on the best-selling first edition's breakthrough text. Eric Hörst combines leading-edge sport science with his thirty-plus years of climbing and coaching experience to create a handbook packed with practical how-to and what-to-do information. This new edition includes expanded chapters on training technique, improving mental skills, and developing muscular strength and endurance. A new chapter on general conditioning leads into the seminal chapters on climbing-specific strength training and developing personalized training programs for maximum results. Additional chapters discuss the vital, yet often overlooked, subjects of self-assessment, performance nutrition, accelerating recovery, and injury prevention--topics that have received scant or no coverage in other climbing books. Dozens of color photographs depict the exercises and techniques, while training-tip summary boxes makes for a quick review of key points.

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