Rubins David K.

The Human Figure: An Anatomy for Artists

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KNYGYNAS, Pylimo 59, Vilnius. Informaciją apie mus žiūrėkite mūsų prieigoje. Knygą galite užsisakyti ir adresu . Palankstytas viršelis ir jo kampai, patrinta nugarėlės apačia, ant viršelio ir priešlapio yra rudų dėmių, vidus-labai geras, bet dviejuose puslapiuose yra užrašai tušinuku, o trijuose markeriu. Buvusio savininko parašas.

Santrauka: This anatomy book for artists is an invaluable quick reference guide on both the construction and the outward appearance of the male and female figures. It contains more than 250 illustrations of the human body. Never before have such superb examples of the complete bone and muscle structure, including the principal movements of the joints, been presented for the use of the student and practicing artist. In addition, the drawings in detail of all parts of the figure in repose and movement -- the head, torso, arms, hands, legs, and feet -- form a complete guide to the accurate depiction of this most difficult of all subjects, the human figure. Every artist who wishes to reach the peak of his or her profession, whether a draftsman, illustrator, sculptor, commercial artist, or painter, must have a good grounding in the construction of the human figure, however abstract is his or her final approach. Not only can the reader learn the essential characteristics of every part of the human body, but can refer again to the illustrations of details that will help rectify specific drawing problems.

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