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The Complete Book of Car Repair and Maintenance

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Būklė - labai gera. Nedidelis nusidėvėjimas- kai kur nežymiai patrinti viršelio kampukai ir krašteliai.

Santrauka: How often have most people wished, at one stage or another, that they knew more about their car? Probably every time a hefty garage bill is presented for a fairly straightforward job, or when you are travelling on holiday and the engine starts to cough and splutter because of a simple fault which anyone with a little know-how could put right, or when the car will not start on a cold frosty morning - if only one knew how to do a simple check of the ignition system. This book shows in full colour and step-by-step how to tackle just about every DIY car maintenance and repair work worth attempting. In clear, easy to follow language it explains how to understand cars, and how to make sense of those manuals that assume the car's owners knows a considerable amount already. As well as servicing, maintenance and repairs, this book also shows how to improve a car's appearance, by fitting those accessories that change it from a mass-produced vehicle into a personalised and stylish motor car.

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