Rittershausen Wilma and Brian

The amazing world of Orchids

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Santrauka: Mysterious and alluring, infinitely beautiful and breathtakingly varied, orchids have never been more popular or more widely available, with beautiful specimens available at every supermarket, florist and garden centre. Unlike a bunch of cut flowers, orchids will prove outstanding value for money as they are long lasting, and despite their exotic allure, surprisingly simple to grow and very easy to care for, winning them an ever-increasing army of devoted specialist and amateur growers. This beautiful guide reveals the limitless fascination of orchids, reflecting the romance of their history, illuminating the triumphs of hybridization and providing the key to growing these exciting plants at home. Every one of the over 150 different orchids featured has been specially photographed to best capture their wondrous individuality. Divided according to their easiness to grow, each striking photograph is accompanied by detailed text on the plant's characteristics and individual needs. Finally, a section on cultivation provides all the practical, step-by-step advice needed to ensure rewarding results for both the interested beginner and the orchid enthusiast alike.

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