R.D., G.S. Keene, Botterill

The Modern Defence. 1...P-KN3: A Universal Reply to 1 P-K4, 1 P-Q4 or 1 P-QB4

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Santrauka: 1 P-K4 P-KN3 2 P-Q4 B-N2 is the most iltra-modern defence at Black,s disposal. This book sets out clearly all major systems employing a Black King,s side fianchetto that are not slassified under the Pirc. King,s Indian, Grunfeld or Benoni defences. The strength of this defence is that it can be employed against all of White,s most frequently played opening moves (1 P-K4, 1 P-Q4 and even 1 P-QB4). The Modern Defence and the companion volume on the Pire Defence comprehensively examine the most advanced and sophisticated defensive systems available to Black. The common strategy of these closely interrelated systems is the rapid undermining and destruction of White,s traditionally imposing pawn centre. These systems been employed with success by, amongst others, such specialists in the art of active defence as Botvinnik, Hort, Hubner, Ivkov and Korchnoi, and for the past four years they have been the main defensive weapons of both co-authors. The presentation of material blends a lucid exposition of general principles with a wealth of original analysis and a thorough survey of thousands of games. Penetrating comments on almost 100 complete games are oncluded, together with detailed examinations of many key positions. This, the first work devoted entirely to the Modern Defence, is written for those at every level from the average club player up to the Grandmaster. The authors are both Oxbridge postgraduate studens. International Master Raymond Keene was the 1971 British Champion. George Botterill is a British Candidate Master and was runner-up in the 1970 British Championship. The authors have been adopting this defence with succes in their own games and the material in this book has become their guide.

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