Häkkinen Sari

Herkutellen Savossa

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Santrauka: This cookbook of Savonian culture combines the water and bread of our lives into one cover: waterscapes and food delicacies, people and stories. The book transports its readers on the North Savo waterways from Vieremä through Iisalmi, Kuopio and Varkaus to Nilsiä. Let's stop in Pielavesi, Leppävirta and almost in Kajaani, Laakajärvi. Along the way, people from local and national realms will be interviewed. The work shows with pictures, texts and recipes what kind of delicacies are eaten by our waters and what kind of stories are told in the evening food, berry forest, wildfire and fishing waters. The recipes are straightforward and have been tested by experts. Stories and recipes are also recorded in English. There is a beautiful picture work and a delicious cookbook for home use or as a business gift.

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