Robert Parker

Great value wines

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Santrauka: Discover a wealth of remarkable yet affordable wines with Robert Parker - one of the world's most influential wine critic. This handy pocket-sized buyer's guide promises to recommend exquisite bottles of wine, all of which cost no more than £20. Search for a superb-tasting Merlot for under £10 or a deliciously crisp Chablis for under £15. With the help of Robert Parker, you will be able to find some true hidden gems that taste twice or even three times their actual price! Featuring wines from all over the world, including France, Italy, Germany, South Africa, Chile, New Zealand and many more, you can now afford some really fantastic bottles of wine that will suit any occasion. So whether you're planning a flashy dinner party for friends, or something simple for a midweek meal, you are guaranteed to find something impressive and affordable.

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