Jensen Muriel

Middle of the Rainbow

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Santrauka: PATRICK SAID "I DO..." when he didn't. What could be more bizarre and unexpected than Patrick Gallagher standing in front of a justice of the peace, marrying a woman he didn't know? Regina Raleigh was beguiling - and oh so tempting - but Patrick couldn't grasp the idea that he'd allowed himself to enter into a marriage of convenience with a woman who was dangerous to his health. An ex-military man, able to handle stress under any situation, Patrick should've had a witty response to Regina's father's condition of the buisness loan. But who would've thought trying to get money from a wealthy California financier would entail taking a wife! And to complicate matters, when Patrick's new bride announced what she really wanted from the marriage, he couldn't believe how willing he was to fulfill her wish. That was when he knew he was in big trouble.

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