Rebecca Winters

Meant to be marriage

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Viršelis pasitrynęs, bet apskritai knyga geros būklės. Yra galimybė perduoti Vilniuje, Fabijoniškėse.

Santrauka: Could they ever be more than friends? When darkly sexy Jarod Kendall met beautiful Sydney Taylor he faced the hardest decision of his life - because, as a priest, any relationship was forbidden to him. Their friendship was innocent, but Jarod's love grew secretly and deeply. After a year of Jarod hiding his feelings Sydney left town, believing her love wasn't returned. Alone, Jarod found his life thrown into deep turmoil. As a man of honour, he realised that he had to leave the priesthood and everything he loved because his heart was with Sydney. Now Jarod is determined to find Sydney and persuade her that against all the odds their marriage is meant to be...

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