Gordon Inkeles

Sensual massage

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Santrauka: Most successful massage book ever from American masseur Gordon Inkeles, including a free DVD illustrating in detail all the techniques described in the book. Inkeles teaches his readers basic techniques (percussion, friction, butterfly strokes) and introduces the most frequently-used oils and preparations before describing his world-famous sensual massage programme. Individual massages are given greater meaning by being built into full-body massage sequences, ranging in length from a few minutes to over one hour. Review: Attractive as well as instructive...tells you what to massage, when and where. Much recommended. ----Ms London Beautifully produced, a book to give, especially if you'd like its techniques used on you. ----Forum If you want to encourage the man in your life to be more sensual, romantic and inventive...put The Art of Sensual Massage in his stocking. ----Cosmopolitan


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Kaina: 12 EUR
Būklė: Labai gera
Miestas: Kaunas

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