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Santrauka: Книга является пособием к курсу страноведения. Цель ее - познакомить студентов с традициями и обычаями страны. В книге использован разнообразный материал: отрывки из произведений художественной литературы, публицистики, периодической печати. Книга может быть использована также на занятиях по устной практике, ибо она дает богатый материал по многим темам, включенным в программу этого аспекта изучения языка. В книге предпосланы введение и предисловие, в котором раскрываются цели и задачи пособия, возможности его использования. Тексты снабжены подробным реально-языковым комментарием. О книге От составителей Введение Chapter I. Britain Round the Calendar Public Holidays and Celebrations New Year in England Hogmanay Celebrations First-Footing The Night of Hogmanay Tar-Barrel Burning "Первая нога" St. Valentine's Day - February 14 A Valentine's Fiasco: Her Heart Was Full - His Stomach Empty Pancake Day Что такое Student Rags? Shrove Tuesday Pancake Races Shrove Tuesday Pancake Greaze Shrovetide Football Ashbourne's Shrovetide Football Mothering Sunday (Mothers'day) Easter Easter Peace Marches Easter Peace Marches 1958-1968 The H-Bomb's Thunder Why We Are Marching Go On and Make Them Hear! Thousands Step Out for Peace Do's and Dont's for Marchers В меняющемся мире Ancient Traditions London's Easter Parade April Fools' Day A Practical Joke May 1 - Day of Solidarity Many May Day Milestones May Day in Great Britain May, 1968. May Day Marches in the Cities May, 1969. May Day - Rehearsal for 24-hour Stoppage May 1970. Now Let Unions Go On to the Attack May Day 1971 May Day Calls for United Action May Spring Festival Merry England and London May Queen Festival Whitsun Cheese-Rolling Morris Dancing Late Summer Bank Holiday Happy Hampstead Бэнк-холидей A Young Man in a Sea Town on a Warm Bank Holiday Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire Night) - November 5 Famous Gunpowder Plot - or Infamous Plot Guy Fawkes Night Trafalgar Square on Bonfire Night Not for the Bonfire Do's and Dont's Remembrance Day (Poppy Day) Christmas Celebrations Opinions Differ Christmas Eve It Woudn't Surprise Charles Dickens The Christmas Robin A Giant Christmas Tree Christmas Humour Not Santa Claus Christmas at Aunt Ada's Boxing Day Что это за английская традиция, которая называется Boxing Day? The Christmas Pantomime Когда Санта-Клаус снимает наряд Sporting Events The Oxford - Cambridge Boat-Race The "Blues" The Boat Race Cambridge Sinks but Race Goes On Bumping Races Eights Week at Oxford One Over the Eight Cup Final Cup Final Glory Horse-Racing The Grand National The Derby Royal Ascot (Mid June) Soames Goes Racing The Henley Royal Regatta The London to Brighton Car Rally From London to Brighton Chapter II. Festivals and Fairs Festivals of Music and Drama Burns Night The Shakespeare Birthday Celebrations Шекспир и советский флаг Glyndebourne The Chichester Theatre Festival Henry Wood Promenade Concerts The Welsh Eisteddfodau The Eisteddfod Edinburgh International Festival That Tattoo Pounds Across Our Bedroom Floor The Edinburgh Festival Fairs Nottingham Goose Fair Chapter III. Traditional Ceremonies in London Changing the Guard Mounting the Guard The Ceremony of the Keys Trooping the Colour The Sovereign's Entry into the City of London Swan-Upping Вверх по Темзе за лебедями Electing Lonoon's Lord Mayor The Lord Mayor's Show Chapter IV. Engagements, Weddings, Births and Funerals Getting Engaged Weddings The Forms of Marriage Times of Weddings Marriage in Scotland The Preparation Division of Responsibilities The Ceremony The Reception Planning a "Quiet" Wedding A White Wedding Births and cristenings Twenty-First Birthdays Victor's 21 st Birthday Funerals Chapter V. Leisure. Everyday Leisure Pursuits Sports Cricket Крикет Football A Pools Maniac Fair Odds Pools Win: Pocket-Money for Nottingham Couple Horse Racing Greyhound Races How I Parted Company with Greyhounds for Ever Политика наизнанку Bowls Heavenly Bowls Playing "Bingo" ("Lotto") Грабеж, освященный законом Evening classes Dancing Pubs and Clubs Джон Буль в цилиндре и в кепке Pubs - Town and Country Two Peculiarities about Pubs The Game of Darts The "Museum Pubs" of London "Паблик Хаус" Clubland Liberty and Licence Clubs Приоткрыв двери клуба... Великосветские клубы В одном из клубов на улице Пэл-Мэл Clubs Moving with the Times - but Still a Union Club Never a Dull Moment for Young People Gardening Flowers That Bloom in the Spring, Ha, Ha Keeping Pet Animals The New Cat Candidas and the Pets Selection from the This England Column of The New Statesman Любовь к трем скорпионам The Weekend "Private. No Trespassing" Sunday in England Brighter Breezes Blowing at Taboos Hyde Park on a Sunday Morning Несколько слов о словах Гайд-парк Annual Holidays Simple Steps before You Go on Holiday Кое-что о приморских городах Holiday Camps and Youth Hostels Thinking of Trying a Holiday Camp? Some Happy Holiday Scenes Have an Unhappy Background Caravanning Not Like the Savoy - but It's Cheap and Good Fun A Caravan Site Camping Holidays We Pitched Our Tents in the Purple Hills Hitch-Hiking On the Move The Englishman's Love of the Countryside The English Abroad Источник: Химунина Т.Н., Конон Н.В., Уолш И.А. 'В Великобритании принято так (об английских обычаях)' - Ленинград:


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Kaina: 2.99 EUR
Būklė: Gera
Miestas: Vilnius

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