Lesley Garner

Everything I've Ever Done That Worked

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Santrauka: This beautiful collection of short essays by rewned journalist Lesley Garner acts as spiritual and emotional first-aid kit. Lesley explains, 'I wrote this book because I think I kw what to do and then life bowls me over again and I forget. I decided to get my experience down on paper so that I could turn to it in an emergency, like a friend.' The book contains things that work in darkness and things that work in daylight. There are techniques that will help you plan your journey and techniques that will light the next inch of the path when you've lost your way. They'll give comfort in a crisis but they'll also inspire you to lead a deeper, richer life. Practical, insightful and moving, this book is the perfect gift for those looking for inspiration. Lesley Garner has been taking notes all her life. Her thoughts and observations have been published as magazine features, profiles and newspaper columns for many different titles, including the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and London Evening Standard. She has been an art critic, book and film reviewer and when she's not writing, she loves to get out and sing choral music. She has travelled widely, lived in Ethiopia and Afghanistan, and currently lives in London.

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