Paul Berna

Vagabonds of the Pacific

Santrauka: The schooner Iris is the only home the Mael children have ever known, for their father Bob, sickened by his wartime experioences, has no liking for life ashore, and the family enjoy a carefree existence wandering from island to island in the South Pacific, only returning to their base in Tahiti when the money runs out. This time the financial crisis is acute. There is no work to be had, so Bob Mael agrees to the charter of his boat--the family's most precious possession--by the Charvin Brothers, wealthy business men from France. Two of the children are left in Tahiti, but David stays on the Iris as cabin-boy. The voyage to Flanders Island is a stormy and adventurous one, and when iris reaches her berth in Anihua, the Maels find that their passengers are not quite such respectable business men as they seemed.

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