Francis Fytton

The Nation Within

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Santrauka: This rather scruffy scrimmage takes place on and off the Paris streets during the NLF disturbances, was obviously (according to the dedication) observed at close hand by the author, and is transcribed in the language of the pissoir, with the French disregard for hygiene and/or aesthetics. Be that as it may, it's a condensate of some Sten-torian activity in three phases; the manifestation in which Georges Hanna, Arab born in Lebanon, and Nefissa Saddok, a militant Mussulman, meet; the assassination effected by Hanna, a reluctant killer who is unmanned by the violence he witnesses and commits (now, during the aftermath, holed up in a room with a whore); and finally the interrogation of Nefissa, after Hanna shoots his way out to his death, in which she is tortured into insensibility. An occasional extension here--of a confrontation between the ""exercises of power""--but for the most part this is just a terse, rasping, searing incident, as uncomfortable as it is intended to be and at times more distasteful than it need be.

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