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Sixteenth-Century Poetry

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Santrauka: A collection of poetry from one of the most glorious periods of English literature. The sixteenth century saw England evolving from a feudal medieval society into a modern nation. The poetry of the period, represented by the genius of Spencer, Shakespeare and Donne, among others, became known as a Golden Age because never before had language been used with such brilliant imagery, lyricism and subtlety, and the poetry created engaged the heart, the mind and the spirit. This anthology contains poetry by the most celebrated poets of the Elizabethan Age and by lesser known poets such as Sir Thomas Wyatt and Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey. Some of the work explores the timeless themes of love, death and religious devotion; some is more political and relevant to its time. This selection demonstrates the richness and variety in style, subject and mood of the poetry of the sixteenth century.


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