Greenhalgh Chris

Seducing Ingrid Bergman

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272; Anglų k., Penguin books, 2012 m., 261 p., mink. virš. (ang.)

Santrauka: The novel opens in 1945. France is recently liberated by Allied Forces. Robert Capa has photographed the Normandy Landings and been parachuted into Germany. Now he is kicking his heels in Paris, waiting for something to happen. As a dare, he slips a note under the door of Ingrid Bergman's room at the Ritz, inviting her for a drink. The flirtation escalates quickly into a passionate affair. Ingrid has a husband, child and career back in Hollywood. Capa can't escape from his traumatic memories of the war or his addiction to the adrenaline high that he only gets from his work. Against his better judgement, Capa follows Ingrid to California, but both still have painful choices to make.

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