Maricristin Sealey

Making Waldorf dolls

Santrauka: It is a beautiful thing, says Maricristin Sealey, "to craft a doll with your own hands, sew it together with love, then make a gift of it to your child with the words, 'I made this for you '" This comprehensive, well-illustrated book will give even the most nervous beginner the confidence to produce a unique, handcrafted toy from natural materials. Once you have mastered the basic baby dolls, you can progress to the more ambitious limbed and jointed dolls. Includes: √ ten designs including soft, baggy, pouch, angel, sack and limbed dolls√ instructions for knitted, sewn and embroidered hairstyles√ lots of patterns for dolls' clothes and accessories√ help with tools, techniques and materials√ ideas for recycling clothing for dollmaking and where to get materials

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