Denis Deegan

Love Comes Tumbling

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Santrauka: Lucy Arigho is not the sort of woman to be swept off her feet. She is sober, career - minded and slightly numb since the death of her fiance. So it's completely out of character for her to race a man in traffic . . . and even more unusual when they meet again and she is irritated, intrigued and finally enraptured by the driver, a writer called Greg Millar. Within eight weeks she is seriously considering Greg's pleas that she marry him and wondering if she can take on his two motherless children. But before she can make a decision about becoming part of Greg's world, events plunge her right into it - at the deep end. Her careful existence is turned upside down and she has to figure out how to handle two vulnerable children and to face the fact that she doesn't really know the man whose life has so overwhelmed hers. Love Comes Tumbling is a powerful, gripping and original story about what happens when the craziness of falling in love ends and the craziness of real life begins.

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