L.G. Alexander

First Things First (New Concept English)

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Santrauka: Although in need of some vocabulary updating and perhaps some rethinking of a few situations where one can sense a slight chauvinistic element, this is an asolutely excellent method both for teachers and students wanting to master the basic structures and vocabulary of the English language. Carefully graded, recycles all language material and goes through the most important aspects of grammar, though never overwhelming the student with grammatical labels. Easy to use, the teacher's book guides the teacher step by step and includes activities and written exercises, along with drills for every single new structure taught, using the vocabulary introduced over and over. There are of course quite a few methods on offer in the market, colourful, illustrated, technologically supported, etc; First Things First remains a must for all beginners and false beginners, if they wish to achieve a significant command of English. The supplementary written exercises and the recorded drills are very much appreciated by all students, especially those preparing for tests and exams.

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