Kevin Bonnet

Essential strategies for winning at daily fantasy sports

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Santrauka: Daily fantasy sports is significantly different than traditional fantasy sports and requires unique strategies and skills. This comprehensive strategy guide covers the essential strategies, thought processes, and math used by top daily fantasy sports players. Learn how to accurately project player fantasy scores and use those projections to draft an optimal fantasy team. Understand the different types of fantasy leagues offered, which ones will work best for you individually as a player, and how to adjust your fantasy team based on the size and type of league you are entering. Discover how to increase your profitability through advanced opponent selection by specifically targeting weak competition. Find ways to minimize website fees by understanding how rake is calculated and taking advantage of freerolls, overlays, bonuses, and promotions to increase your profitability. Learn how to keep records of your play so you can measure your success, systematically improve your skill, and manage your bankroll. Sport specific strategies for fantasy football, baseball, basketball, and hockey are also covered. Nothing is held back in this ultimate strategy guide from the founder of the first modern daily fantasy sports website.


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