Cookson Catherine

The man who cried

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Būklė: Labai gera
Miestas: Panevėžys


Santrauka: There are men who can at times be stirred by the power and conflict of their own emotions to the point of shedding tears. Such a man was Abel Mason. Unhappily married to the shrewish Lena, he sought release in a love affair that soon ended in brutal tragedy. Abel left home, taking with him his young son, Dick, and together they tramped their way to the North where his roots lay. It was a hard and sometimes traumatic journey, and at its end there seemed to open up whole new vistas of life and experience. But the spectre of the past remained, and the burden of its secrets continued to play a major part in shaping both Abel and his son’s destiny.


  • Paskutinis prisijungimas: prieš 55 min.
  • Viso knygų: 285
  • Skelbimas atnaujintas: prieš 3 dienas

Kaina: 1 EUR
Būklė: Labai gera
Miestas: Panevėžys

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