Martin Roach

Coldplay: Nobody Said It Was Easy

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Būklė: Labai gera
Miestas: Vilnius


Santrauka: Coldplay's debut album "Parachutes" was a collection of direct, soulful songs stripped right back to expose an unusual level of raw emotion. It sold nearly five million copies world-wide, winning a clutch of NME and Q awards, two Brits and the Grammy for Best Alternative Album. Martin Roach reveals how the band first met, their early gigs, their self-financed EP and how they maintain a tight degree of control over their output - they co-produced both albums and artistically direct their artwork and image with close precision. He explains how second album, "A Rush of Blood to the Head", was received with acclaim, winning two Brits and a Grammy in 2003, and reveals the two years' promotional touring of the record.


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Kaina: 4 EUR
Būklė: Labai gera
Miestas: Vilnius

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