Purposeful Universe: How Quantum Theory and Mayan Cosmology Explain the Origin and Evolution of Life

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Was a difficult read for me. I enjoyed it nonetheless and feel that the author presents one of the few unique interpretations of "what it's all about" and I do mean "all". It was good to read of a theory that permits science and religion to be friends, though I doubt that many scientists nor many "believers" would feel as comfortable with examining what they think/believe as Calleman appears to be. Merits second read in not too distant future. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7045882-the-purposeful-universe?ac=1&from_search=true&qid=t15jWyEdEf&rank=1

A completely riveting read presenting a salient, well researched alternative to Darwinism. Whether you have an understanding of physics, biology and/or chemistry Calleman explains, in laymans' terms, the nature of atomics and entanglement theory, his take on the evolution of the Universe and life on Earth. He also postulates the possibilities of life elsewhere with reasoned well laid out discourse.

It is evident that he has done his research and read widely to give his theory on 'the big bang', how life started and evolved and the links between each stage of existence, atomic theory and the Mayan calender. He suggests that the Ancients were far more advanced than is appreciated and made calculations, based on high level science, that were in sync with historical and contemporary global events to the extent of being able to predict them.

Calleman writes confidently but with humility about what is known and has yet to be known. He presents a very persuasive hypothesis regarding the short comings of Darwin's theory of evolution, with regard to genetics, atomic theory bio-physiology and bio-chemistry. There are diagrams, equations and the text is well thought out. It communicates to all levels of understanding and interest.

Whether you agree with what he is putting forward or not, it certainly does open up the debate as to what evolution is, how it came about, why it came about and what the meaning of existence could really be and the purpose of it.

It really is a refreshing read from someone brave enough to offer a different view on evolution to the, as it transpires, less than well thought out and not scientifically logical established one.

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