Bingham Charlotte

Distant music

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Santrauka: Life was tough in England after the Second World War - at least it was for those who were not fabulously wealthy or part of the tiny coterie of British film and theatre stars. Little wonder then that Elsie Lancaster, the granddaughter of a theatrical landlady, thinks only of trying to become one of that shining constellation. Surprising, therefore, that Oliver Plunkett shares the same ambition, for his is the pampered background of old money. For his best friend, the kooky Coco Hampton, theatre is all about costume. That they all become involved with Portly Cosgrove - sometime manager, and soon-to-be agent - is part of the inevitable flow of theatrical life, as is the fact that they become emotionally entangled with one another. Come success or failure, the music they dance to is the distant music of fame and fortune, a tune which is often dim and, at other times, tantalisingly clear- only to fade once more.

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