Felicity Keats

A Piece of Jasper

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Santrauka: Sally-Fay's contented peaceful life is thrown upside down when her father remarries his business partner who has a clever confident son of Sally Fay's own age. So that the family starts off knowing each other and bonding, her father books a short holiday in a guest farm on the Lesotho border. Sally Fay is desperately unhappy with her new brother and her mother and goes off a lot on her own, into the mountains where the San people once lived. It is whilst she is walking here that she finds a piece of jasper and picks it up, unaware at the time that it is an ancient San artefact which connects her with a San family and in particular with the lovely young medicine woman, Kamma, who has great wisdom and helps Sally Fay to make the adjustments she needs to make, in order to be happy.

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