David Ross

1001 pearls of wisdom

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Santrauka: Proving good things do come in small packages, 1,001 Pearls of Wisdom is an enlightening compendium of insights gathered together in a delightfully chunky and thoroughly colorful package. Combining memorable and brilliant quotations from philosophers, sages, leaders, and holy men with summaries of spiritual concepts such as karma and synchronicity, it s packed with beautiful words to comfort and inspire. The entries are drawn from sources as diverse as the Talmud and the Upanishads, as wide-ranging as Immanuel Kant and Nelson Mandela, while individual topics run the gamut from kindness and forgiveness to childhood and the afterlife. Gentle guidance and wry optimism pervade the text, as in this counsel from the Buddha: "Live like the strings of a fine instrument not too taut but not too loose." Color illustrations underscore the book's life-affirming message. Both reflective and lighthearted, and always thought-provoking, 1,001 Pearls of Wisdom makes a meaningful gift for someone special.

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