Colin Forbes

"The Savage Gorge"

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Būklė: Puiki
Miestas: Palanga


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ideali, tinka dovanai, galimas siuntimas + papildomai.

Santrauka: It started with a scream of terror from the desperate girl . . . Tweed and Paula take over the brutal murder case of two attractive women from plodding Chief Inspector Reebeck. A clue leads them to a remote rural country controlled by Pit Bull: human and dangerous. They meet his weird family: daughter Margot: shrewd, unstable his daughter Sable his son Lance: well-mannered, observant Mrs Shipton: grim housekeeper and Marius Lepke: a huge Cajun brought over by Pit Bull from New Orleans. Tweed explores the local peculiar village, meets local gossip, Mrs Grout. They visit the strange town of Gunners Gorge, bloodstained by Cromwell long ago. More murders are committed. NOT the work of a serial killer, Tweed insists. I sense something very big . . . Is the key isolated Findel Square in the heart of London, HQ of OTRANTO, oil giant owned by devious womanizer Neville Guile? Tweed and Paula continue their non-stop race to solve the diabolical mystery. Time is not on their side. About the Author: Colin Forbes is the author of twenty-nine thrillers which are now published into thirty languages. He writes a novel every year.


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Kaina: 12.20 EUR
Būklė: Puiki
Miestas: Palanga

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