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Turkey: Past, Present and Future: Revised and Updated Second Edition

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Santrauka: The book “Turkey: Past, Present and Future” prepared by IKV and published in December 2012 aims to provide general information about some of the most prominent social, economic, political and cultural issues, as well as foreign policy issues faced by Turkey with a particular emphasis on its relation with the European Union and its accession process. “Turkey: Past, Present and Future” was prepared by IKV researchers to shed light on issues pertaining to the history, politics and society in Turkey, that came up frequently in their daily work and contacts and were of interest to especially their European counterparts. The first edition has been updated and revised by taking into account the major changes occurring during the past year, that have shaped Turkey and European Union’s policy.


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Kaina: 1.50 EUR
Būklė: Puiki
Miestas: Vilnius