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Uncaptive Minds

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Santrauka: Uncaptive Minds is a quarterly journal of information and analysis on Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, published by the Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe. The journal focuses on political, economic, cultural, and social affairs related to the transition from communism to democracy and a market economy. Issues include democratic, political, and social movements and their programs for bringing about change in the region; legislative and political battles in bringing about change; the rebuilding of civil society; independent and state-owned media; economic reforms and their effects; decommunization and lustration; analysis of postcommunist and new-fascist parties; minorities and minority rights in the region; the development of a consciousness of human rights; analysis of the legacy of communism and the phenomenon of postcommunism. Summer 1992 vol.5 no.2(20) Region The Gallant Warrior: In Memoriam Tom Kahn by Eric Chenoweth Opposition, Dissidents, Democracy by Jakub Karpinski Yugoslavia Plunged into Slaughter. An Interview with Aleksa Djilas Russian Federation The Orthodox Church and Politics. An Interview with Father Gleb Yakunin Liberation before Women's Liberation by Cathy Young The Professional Extremist. An Interview with Valeria Novodvorskaya A Visit to Kaliningrad by Krzysztof Kopczynski Belarus Alosha Capone by Wojciech Gorecki There Will Not Be Civil War by Jan Rozdzynski In Defense or Offense by Jakub Lapatka Hungary There Has Not Been a Revolution by Andras Kovacs Poland Why Olszewski's Government Was Doomed by Urszula Doroszewska I Have Never Been an Pontius Pilate. An Interview with Piotr Wierzbicki The Post-totalitarian Syndrome by Woktor Kulerski I Don't Believe the Files Were Falsified. An Interview with Bogdan Borusewicz Germany The Clean-up Bureau. An Interview with Joachim Gauck In Memoriam Roman Zimand ("Leopolita") 1926-1992


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Kaina: 1.45 EUR
Būklė: Gera
Miestas: Vilnius

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