Woods Stuart

Dark Harbor

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Santrauka: Stuart Woods’s latest Stone Barrington novel brings his sophisticated hero to small-town New England in a complex thriller with the bold drama and page-turning suspense that makes Woods’s novels “always a pleasure to read.” (The Denver Post). In the picturesque island village of Dark Harbor, Maine, the shocking deaths of three people close to him have cast a long shadow over the life of Stone Barrington. One of them had a prominent national security role, and the consequences of his death reach high into the United States intelligence community, widening what, at first, appears to be simply a senseless, but local, triple murder. With the help of his ex-partner, Dino, and his friend Holly Barker, Stone must piece together the elusive facts surrounding these deaths, as much for his own peace of mind as anything else. Dark Harbor brings us the perfect mix of sexy intrigue and swift suspense that legions of fans have come to expect from master storyteller Stuart Woods.

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