Colgan Jenny

West End Girls

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Būklė: Puiki
Miestas: Marijampole


Santrauka: They may be twin sisters, but Lizzie and Penny Berry are complete opposites - Penny is blonde , thin and gorgeous, Lizzie quiet, thouthful and definitely not thin. The one trait they share is a desire to DO somenthing with their lives and, as far as they are concerned, the place to get noticed in Londoon. Out of the blue they discover they have grandmother living in Celsea - and when she has to go to hopital, they find themselves fiat-sitting on the King's Road. But as they discover, it's not as easy to become it Girlsnas they'd imagined, and West End boys aren't at all like hugh Grant....


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Kaina: 3 EUR
Būklė: Puiki
Miestas: Marijampole

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