Annie Grooves

The Grafton Girls

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Santrauka: When Diane Wilson leaves Cambridge for Liverpool, to work as a teleprint operator, she is intent on mending her broken heart. But will hundreds of miles ease the pain of her betrayal? Meanwhile, mean-spirited Myra Stone awaits her new roommate. From the moment she sees Diane, she knows they aren't kindred spirits. But does Myra's bitterness belie a secret heartache? Ruthie joins the munitions factory, where it's tough, relentless work. But she is befriended by lively Jess Hunt, who injects fun into the drab surroundings. Until, one day, a troublemaker tries to undermine their friendship... All four women are brought together at The Grafton, the local dance hall favoured by American GIs as well as the local servicemen. In this heady, uncertain time, infatuation and passion blossom. But will each girl find true love - or true heartache?

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