Austen Jane

Pride and Prejudice

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Būklė: Puiki
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Santrauka: Jane Austen Fiona Stafford and Edited by James Kinsley Oxford World's Classics Austen's most popular novel in an entirely new edition. Uses the standard Chapman/Kinsley text. New introduction discusses the play between truth and fiction, the historical context of the novel's composition, and the reasons for its continued popularity. New notes are fuller and provide greater insight into the social world of Austen's characters. New bibliography and chronology provide up-to-date resources for further reading. New appendices on social rank and dancing. New to this Edition: A new introduction by Fiona Stafford, wide-ranging and highly accessible. New, fuller notes by Fiona Stafford, providing greater contextualization. New, up-to-date bibliography. New, fuller chronology. New appendices on social rank and dancing.


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Kaina: 5 EUR
Būklė: Puiki
Miestas: Vilnius

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