Patterson James

The Final Warning

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Santrauka: James Patterson is one of the best-known and biggest selling writers of all time. He is the author of some of the most popular series of the past decade: the Women,s Murder Club, the Alex Cross novels anf Maximum Ride, and he has written many other number one bestsellers including romance novels and stand alone thrillers. He has won an Edgar award, the mystery world,s highest honour. He lives in Florida with his wife and son. ... Hunted all their lives, they,ve had to fight life-threatening and beliefdefying battles, pitting their strenght against the fearsome force of their shadowy enemies. But as their predators evolve, their inique ability to fly is no longer enough to save them. With their genes mutating to astonishing effect, the flock establish a new set of skills to unleash as they strive for survival. But just as they struggle to get grips with these physical changes, emotionally they face new challenges too: life on the fringe of society can be a lonely existence...

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