Randle Kevin D.

Operation Roswell

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Santrauka: From the bestselling author of UFO: Crash at Roswell Roswell, New Mexico-1947 It is the troubled period just after World War II, and America has asserted its power across the globe, but problems still remain. With the ever-present threat of atomic weapons in enemy hands, the country has begun a race for military supremacy. Every inch of sky is monitored by radar, and every eye is open. The face of America's enemy seemed very clear, until reports of an unidentified aircraft flying over the New Mexico desert arrived in Washington. The reports state that the ship is impossibly light, with the ability to hover in place, then speed away at more than one thousand miles an hour-and it looks like no other aircraft the country has ever seen. While President Truman does his best to maintain plausible denials, the situation is placed in the hands of Major General Curtis LeMay, a military zealot whose only concern is securing America's dominance in the arms race. When his men shoot the craft down, it becomes obvious that this was no Russian vessel-and that it may not be from this planet at all. An examination of the crew proves this to be all too true . . . and one of them has survived. As the army rushes to defend the country, as the government attempts to erase an event from public view, humanity prepares to witness an event so powerful that it could mean a change in life as we know it. Nothing you believe will ever be the same . . . .

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